A2 microSD card with high capacity and volumes are not so common right now. Today, Lexar makes the world’s largest A2 microSD card official. Well, A2 is a really high rating for a memory card, and it stands for Application Performance Class 2. With that said, the 512GB microSD card from Lexar is the world’s first microSD card with such rating.

The card is highly optimized for mobile gamers and allows the moving of apps quickly from the phone’s storage to the microSD card. Well, in these cases, the Input/Output Operations per Second (IOPS) matter much more than sequential reads and writes.

Lexar largest A2 microSD card at 512GB capacity is now official

The A2 rating on the Lexar cards provides 4000 IOPS for reads and 2000 IOPS for writes, up from 1500/500 for an A1 card. The high rating on the card makes it suitable for videos, and 4K video recording becomes an easy task on these cards without any buffer. The V30 rating on the card handles 30MB/s sustained writes, which is equivalent to UHS-I U3. Also, the card peaks at 100MB/s.

Lexar’s new 512GB A2 microSD will set you back a whopping $300. Also, you can soon purchase the microSD card from Lexar’s offline and online stores.