JioPhone 3 will cost about $63/€55/INR 4,500 – Arriving in June


The JioPhone 1 and JioPhone 2 captures the number one market in the feature phones around the globe. The company also acquires 10th largest phone brand in the world. Well, the company wants to experiment further and launch another phone in the market with its specialty of a low price price tag. Above all, we are talking about the JioPhone 3, and the details of the phone arrive from the company executives.

Anyways, the JioPhone 3 will feature a 5″ screen, and it will have at least 2GB of RAM and a generous 64GB storage. That’s not all! The phone will feature a microSD slot, as well. The specifications are enough to run a midrange Android phone. The company may also go with Android Go skin on the phone.

JioPhone 3 will cost about $63/€55/INR 4,500 - Arriving in June

The JioPhone 3 will have a 5MP on the back and 2MP on the front. The phone will come with 4G connectivity, and we may also see 5G by the time, as well. At this time we are not aware of the development of 5G by the company, but the time will acknowledge regarding this in future.

The JioPhone 3 will cost about $63/€55/INR 4,500. Well, that’s still more than the INR 1,500 for the original and INR 3,000 for the QWERTY-packing sequel. The JioPhone 3 will get official in June, and the pre-orders will commence in August. What do you think about the JioPhone 3? Do let us know in the comments section below.