JerryrRigEverything does the new iPhone XS/XS Max Drop Tests


Life is a DIY project, and in our opinion, no one does that better than Jerry. So, this famous YouTuber runs a very Popular Channel named after JerryRigEverything. Well, today Jerry concludes the durability of the glass on the iPhone XS and XS Max by doing a drop test.

Now, in case you don’t remember, Apple claims that the iPhone XS and XS Max have the “most durable glass ever in a smartphone”. Further, Apple says that the filling in the metal and glass sandwich is a surgical-grade stainless steel. But, how durable it is in day-to-day life, let’s find out with Jerry.

Now, after dropping the two iPhones, with and without the case from three different levels gives us surprising results. The YouTuber slips the iPhones seven times onto asphalt and that should give you a good indication. We won’t spoil the results, but here are the stakes. If you manage to break the front, it’s $280 to replace it. If it’s the back glass, then you’re staring down a $550 repair bill.

Seen the video? That was pretty awesome, wasn’t it? But the drop tests we observed earlier this week had the opposite conclusion, so covering your $1,000 phone with a case might be the best idea.