iPhone XS, XS Max and iPhone XR Pricing in India and other countries


Apple has just unveiled its three new iPhones around the world. All three iPhones looks strikingly similar to the original iPhone X. These new iPhones are called iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, and the iPhone XR and here is a listing that regards the Pricing around a few markets.


This list provides you the pricing for the base 64GB variant, so you can relate the new iPhones price that relates to the country you live in.

Country iPhone XS iPhone XS Max iPhone XR
US $999 $1,099 $750
Canada CAD 1,379 CAD 1,519 CAD 1,029
Australia AUD 1,629 AUD 1,799 AUD 1,229
Germany €1,149 €1,249 €849
Italy €1,189 €1,289 €889
UK £999 £1,099 £749
Russia RUB 87,990 RUB 96,990 RUB 64,990
UAE AED 4,229 AED 4,649 AED 3,179
INDIA INR 99,999.00 INR 1,09,999.00 INR 76,900.00



So, if you think that 64GB of internal storage will run you out of space very soon, here we have other prices too. You need to pay $150 more to go to the 256GB variant, and the 512GB variant will cost you $350 more in the US.

Germany and the UK

For Germany, the price bumps are steep too. You need to shell out €170 and €400 more for the 256GB and the 512GB variants respectively. In the UK, it adds another £150 and £350 to the original cost to buy the upgraded variants.


Now, the pricing in India seems to surprise us even more If you are planning to buy a 256GB iPhone Xs you need to pay nearly INR 1.15 lakhs to buy one and the 512GB variant will cost you INR 1.35 lakhs of extra premium. In simple words, you need to pay INR 15,000 more for upgrading to the 256GB variant, and INR 35,000 more for the 512GB variant. The price bump scheme is the same whether you buy iPhone Xs or the iPhone Xs Max.

iPhone Xr Price around the Globe

Now lastly, the iPhone Xr comes 64, 128 and 256GB flavors. Upgrading to 128GB in the US will cost you $50 more, while you need to pay $150 more to get the 256GB flavor. In Germany, the same upgrades ask another €60 and €170 respectively, while in the UK, these storage variants are £50 and £150 more. In India, you need to shell out another INR 5,000 and INR 10,000 respectively.

So, does this pricing include your home country? Kindly let us know in the comments section below.