iPhone XS teardown reveals L-shaped battery and more watertight seals for IP68 certification


iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max are hitting the shelves tomorrow. Now, we have already seen the unboxing of these new iPhones in YouTube Videos. Besides, now we’ve to take a peek inside thanks to FixjeiPhone’s teardown. So, if you were thinking about the upgrade in the internals of new iPhones, now we now know more about their internals.

The video is from a Dutch source. Right after the guy starts disassembling the device, he knows that the screen is now much harder to pop up. Now, that is due to new watertight seals for the IP68 waterproofing. So, this new rating will allow your new iPhones to withstand 2 meters of fresh water for 30 minutes. The IP67 rating, in comparison, can withstand 30 minutes into 1 meter.

Now, there is one interesting thing with these iPhones. Just like previous years iPhone X, they have got the same L-shape battery design, but this time its one entire single piece. The batteries on the last generation iPhones were split into two parts. So, unfortunately, this has caused a minor reduction in battery capacity of this new iPhone. This new battery rates at 2,658 mAh in the iPhone XS, while the iPhone X has 2,716 mAh cell inside it.

A better endurance in battery life on this iPhone is probably due to power efficient 7nm A12 Bionic chip inside. So, are you going to buy these new iPhones? Drop us a comment in the comments section below.