iPhone XS and the iPhone XS are the priciest iPhones that Apple has ever made. Well, even after that these are selling like hot cakes around the world. Interestingly, now the sales of these new iPhones are divided among the smaller and the larger variant. Now, a new report has come up from CIRP to shed some light upon the matter. The report says that the sales were strong until the end of the third quarter, and split evenly between the two models.

Well, for the first ten days of Q3, both of these iPhones account to 8% of US sales for the entire quarter. Further, the combined 16% market share in these ten days is comparable to the entire quarter’s sales of each of last year’s models. Also, the sales of these two new models are identical to the sales of the iPhone 8 models in the same quarter of 2017.

iPhone XS and XS Max sales split evenly in Q3 of 2018

Besides that, the 2018 iPhones have helped boost Apple’s average selling price in the US to a record-breaking $796 WARP. Now, in comparison to Q2 of 2017, the US-WARP was $751, while in Q3 of 2017 it stood at $705.

In the second quarter of the year, the US-WARP was $751, while in Q3 of 2017 it stood at $705. Well, the trend is clear, but with the launch of the cheaper iPhone XR, it may stop or slow the growth in this metric.

Also, all this data is based on a survey held of 500 US Apple customers who made a major purchase during the third quarter of this year.