Smartphone speed tests are becoming more and more common with YouTube tech enthusiasts. Well, running benchmarks is one way of testing the capabilities of a handset, but that doesn’t always match the real-life performance. So, today we’ve got to see the speed tests between the latest from pure Google and Apple.

The speed test shows us that the iPhone XS is a clear winner, thanks to the new 7nm A12 Bionic chipset. Well, on the other hand, the Pixel 3 XL holds up well, the handset was able to keep the pace with the iPhone XS Max on the first lap. The real things show up in the second lap when the Pixel 3 XL struggles to keep the applications in the memory. Now, this comes down to two things. Firstly, the smartphone doesn’t have ample RAM up with the Android standard to perform well. Secondly, the RAM management poorly affects the Pixel 3 Duo already.

Well, we wish that Google could have put at least 6GB in the handset, to match the new Android Standards.

It still a mystery why Google decided to settle for 4GB of RAM on its both handsets when today’s Android mid-rangers easily go above 4GB. Note that calculating the performance on the Pixel 3 so early may not be the best thing to do. Google will soon update the smartphone to fix the issues, and then it may perform a lot like the iPhone XS.