All About iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max & iPhone XR – 2019 and 2020 & iOS 13


Apple will release the successors of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS max by September 2019. We are still more than seven months away from the official release of the phone, but the phone is already firing up the rumor mills. Some fresh rumors make us believe that the upcoming iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max will look pretty much the same. There will be minor changes in the 2019 iPhone XS Max. It will ship with three rear cameras, with the third camera being a super wide-angle lens.

Apple’s implementation for wide-angle cameras will allow for a wider zoom with exceptional software magic. It’s possible that the feature will automatically repair videos and photos to fit in a subject that may have been accidentally cut off from the initial shot. Also, the Live Photos will now record the image for 6 seconds that is double the current length.

That’s not all because Apple is upgrading its proprietary Lightning port to a USB-C port. Well, this is something we have seen with Apple iPad 2018, and it’s amazing to see the same technology inside the iPhones.

All About iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max & iPhone XR - 2019 and 2020 & iOS 13

Additional changes will introduce the all-new A13 Bionic SoC, a unique Face ID with a small notch. The new iPhones will not carry the 5G connectivity, and the feature will not air until the 2020 iPhones.

The source also reveals that the iPhone XR will get an update as well. We may see a dual camera setup on the rear. The secondary lens will be a Tele-photo lens, however.

Apple may also debut new iPads this spring. These new iPads will offer a faster processor and roughly 10-inch screen. There will be no USB-C port, and these new iPads will use the Lightning ports, instead. We expect a cheaper iPad mini, as well. Additionally, the iPad Pro lineup for 2020 will get the new laser-powered 3D cameras. The same technology will power the 2020 iPhones, as well.

The all-new 3D camera setup on the 2020 iPhones will enhance the AR functionality on iPhones. The feature will enable reliable depth sensing at long distances. Well, it will allow for better placement of virtual objects and will enhance the photos shooting experience. For now, Apple is likely to use Sony made 3D cameras on its new 2020 iPhones.

The last information reveals the iOS 13 update. The update will bring the Dark mode on the new iPhones to make complete use of AMOLED’s on the phone. Also, it will bring enhancements to CarPlay with trivial changes in UI on iPhones. The iPads will get a significant overhaul in its home screen, tabbed app pages, and improved file management.