The front camera softening on the iPhone XS and iPhone XR is irritating. Well, it seems like a good camera on a smartphone is suffering from bad software. The owners of these expensive iPhones are unhappy and are constantly complaining about the beauty gate on their iPhones. The smart HDR on the front camera preserved the Dynamic Range but blows out the overall details on the skin of a real person. Besides, Appl says that the iOS 12.1 update will fix the smoothing issues from the front camera of these new iPhones.

Apple will soon fix the front camera on the iPhone XS Duo with iOS 12.1

Apple says that the problem lies within the Smart HDR function. The feature must select the entire frame with a short shutter speed to pack in the required details of the subject. But, the present software puts one with the longer exposure that results in fewer details and a slight blur in the photos. In short, the long exposures and lack of OIS to handle it leads to the blown out details in the photos.

Luckily, the fix for the issue is coming soon with iOS 12.1. As of now, iOS 12.1 is in beta stage, and it will soon roll out worldwide.