iPhone XS and XS Max drop test doesn’t end that well


The all new iPhone XS and Xs Max are made out of the most durable glass ever put in a smartphone. Well, that is how Apple claims there new iPhones to perform against the competition. Now, we already know that glass fragile, but the question is that how easily the glass on these new iPhones breaks? Let’s find out in this video from SquareTrade YouTube channel.

Now, before claiming anything from the video, here is What Apple claims about heir new iPhones.

iPhone XS and XS Max drop test doesn't end well heapooh_002

So, the drop results didn’t shock us, as by far this may be “the strongest glass ever on a phone.” Now, this doesn’t mean that the new iPhones are no fragile, as breaking the new iPhones is just a matter of one drop. All it takes is a drop on concrete, and the back and front panels shatter. The repair cost of the back panel is a whopping $599 on the iPhone XS Max. More interestingly the OLED front panel is cheap to get replaced, and it will set you back at $329.

Besides that, the smartphones also prove out to be beer-proof. After dunking the new iPhones in 2.5-meter beer tank for 30 minutes, both the iPhones managed to survive. But hey, are you really going to put your iPhones in a beer mug? I mean, you can let us know that in the comments section below.