With a lot more brands bringing out their smartphones this holiday season, the Apple iPhone XR is not selling well. According to the Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the total expected shipments of the iPhone XR have been revised down by as much as 30%.

Analyst lowers prediction of iPhone XR shipments by as much as 30%

Our earlier reports say revealed that Apple will sell as many as 100million units of the iPhone XR from A5 2018 to Q3 2019. Now, the analyst predicts just 70 million to get sold out in four quarters. The analyst expects, Apple to sell 30-35 million iPhone XR in Quarter 4 2018 itself. The numbers for the first two quarters of 2019 have been decreased by 25-30% to 20-25 million. Also, the numbers have will drop down by 10-15 million for Q1 and Q2 respectively.

The poor sales of the iPhone XR in China make its way due to high pricing. And, lack of innovation to be seen in the smartphone. The poor performance of the XR is lowering the prediction for total iPhone shipments as well. The sales of the all-new iPhone XR will slow down by 15-20% in the first quarter of 2019.