iPhone XR is the best single-camera phone according to DxOMark


iPhone XR is the cheapest iPhone offering for the 2018 line up. The smartphone shares a lot of similarities from the more premium iPhone XS. With that said, the primary camera on the iPhone XR is the same unit as we see on the iPhone XS. Today, DxOMark examined the iPhone XR camera. The camera got an overall 101 point score, just behind the Samsung Galaxy Note9.

Breaking down the points on the iPhone XR camera, it scores 103 points for taking stills and 96 points for video recording. For now, the camera scores the highest in the list of single-camera test. We are still waiting for DxOMark to rank the camera on the Pixel 3 duo.

iPhone XR is the best single-camera phone according to DxOMark

The website praises the camera on the iPhone XR for its edge detection in portrait mode. Also, the camera has outstanding exposure in all lighting conditions, wide dynamic range and precise balance between noise suppression and detail preservation. The iPhone XR camera lens has one of the best autofocus systems in the market.

On the flip-side, the camera on the iPhone XR has a few tiny problems. Sometimes, you may experience overblown blur gradient and luminance noise in indoor and low-light scenery.

The same goes for the video recording parts of the camera. The white balance in indoor scenes and luminance noise are the weak points on the video recording taken of the camera. Overall, the videos have excellent dynamic range, outstanding image stabilization, and autofocus. You can watch the full article from the link below.