iPhone 9 (or Xc or Xr) pictured a day before the official announcement


Tomorrow is the day when Apple will finally unveil the three new iPhone to the rest of the world. But, a day before we’ve got a photo of what looks like the entry-level 6.1-inch iPhone in the wild. The Photo reveals to be an iPhone 9 or iPhone Xr/Xc with a single camera lens. The module seems to be larger than the present iPhone 8’s camera lens. The new entry-level iPhone will have a very aggressive price, starting just at $699 in the US.

The mystery of the real naming schemes of the 2018 iPhones will be solved tomorrow. Some call the 6.1-inches model to be iPhone 9, others say it is iPhone Xr, while there are those people who call it the iPhone Xc.

So, the real name for the cheaper model is still a mystery. So, Apple needs to think about a sensible name for this 6.1 -inches iPhone model.