iPhone 11 series will get unveiled on September 10


Apple with its seventh beta of iOS 13 gives us an enormous clue as to when the world sees the next iPhones. Today, the registered developers had their hand-on with the freshest beta software. Coupled with that, the developers got an asset within the iOS 13 code in the form of a preview image.

iPhone 11 HoldForRelease.

In the first place, the iOS screenshot shows up with the date of Tuesday, September 10. The asset’s name is “HoldForRelease” which confirms the new releasing date of the next iPhones.

iPhone 11 series will get unveiled on September 10
Credits: iHelpBR

Pre-orders on September 13.

More interestingly, if this is the launch date of the iPhone 11 than it would follow precedents set by Apple in years prior. Besides, we can even guess that the pre-orders of the next iPhones will begin on September 13. Moreover, this also means that we’ll be able to see the first wave of iPhone 11 series on September 20; in the select countries. Apart from that, the remaining regions will get iPhones on September 27.

iOS 13 Release Date?

iPhone 11 series will get unveiled on September 10

Also, the iOS 13 will get its final release on September 23; following the assets of the older iPhones and iPads. Anyways, Apple this time around wants to create a hype among its consumers. For this, Apple is giving us fascinating clues, which might be part of marketing.

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Note that the 2018 iPhones launched on September 12. Taking this into account, the freshest launching date from the iOS 13 source code might or might not be accurate. Besides, we already know a lot about the upcoming new iPhones. The phones will have better optics, a faster SoC, brilliant graphics, and more. Meanwhile, are you willing to purchase the iPhone 11 in 2019? Share your opinions in the comments section below.