Apple made the new Apple iPhone 2018 trio official back in the Apple event. At that time we were expecting the new iPad, but Apple didn’t deliver updates on the iPads. Well, rumors say that Apple will make the 2018 edition of the iPad Pro official in a separate event that will take place this month

iPad Pro 2018 leaked inside a UAG casing

Now, the new 12.9-inches model will get the edge-to-edge screen with round corners. And, this huge screen is leaked again inside a UAG case, as you can see below. Further, the bezels are very slim, and the home button is missing on these new iPads. Well, that means we can expect the Face ID coming to these iPads. Rest, the sensors in the top bezels are clearly visible in the images.

Also, there will be another 10.5-inches model. And, this new model will go along with the 12.9-inches iPad. The 2018 iPad Duo will share similar hardware with no 3.5mm headphone jack. Also, there will be a support for Apple Pencil on these iPads.