About a week ago we shared some statistics of iOS 12 devices from a third party analytics firms. Now, the Cupertino company is releasing the real numbers, and these are close to the ones from the third party analytics.

Further, as of October 10, almost 50% of Apple iPhones are running on the iOS 12. And, this number accounts for the 53% of the smartphones that Apple introduced in the past fours years. Second, in the graph is the iOS 11 with a market capture of 39% and 40% of four-year-old Apple iPhones.

iOS 12 is now on 50% iPhones - Says Apple

The versions of older than the iOS 11 makes up for the 11% and 7 % of the Pie chart. Now, in comparison to the Android, these numbers are really impressive. And, this is because the update needs to go through a no of processes in Android.

Also, these numbers are on par with the growth of iOS 10 back in 2016. On this day two years ago, iOS 10 was found on 54% of active devices. And, the reason behind this fast adoption rate is the way Apple has polished the iOS12. So, the improvements in the performance of the older Apple devices makes it the best adopting OS in 2018.