iOS 12 is already on the 47.54% of the iPhone devices


Apple is one the best company’s out there that provides long-term software support for its smartphones. Now, with the release of the IOS 12, even the old iPhone 5S is getting this new update. So, supporting the older devices makes up for a higher adoption rate of the latest version of iOS on all iPhones. So, in the end, the OS ramps ups moderately fast and this year’s release of the iOS 12 is no exception.

iOS 12 gets faster start than iOS 11, already the most popular version of iPhones

Further, the Mixpanel’s statistics show that the iOS 12 is already updated on 47.54% of the iPhones. In opposition 45.60% of iPhones and iPads run on iOS 11.

Lastly, Apple released the iOS 12 a few days ago, on September 18. And, looking out these mind-blowing statistics, you may want to switch to an iPhone.