The year 2019 will be a 5G revolution in the smartphone industry. All big companies including Qualcomm, Samsung, and MediaTek are now announcing their 5G offering for future smartphones. Now, Intel enters the market with the XMM 8160 – its first 5G modem. Interestingly, it is a multimode modem and supports networks down to 2G support. Note that this is a big step for the next generation 5G smartphones as all this will simplify the motherboards of smartphones with a single modem.

The XMM 8160 modem from Intel can deliver up to 6Gbps speeds on your handset. Well, this is a three times faster performance than Intel’s latest LTE modem. It supports short range/high bandwidth mmWave, as well as the 5G NR from 600MHz to 6GHz (in both FDD and TDD flavors).

Intel makes the XMM 8160 official as its first 5G modem

Most importantly, the Intel XMM 8160 modem can connect to 4G and 5G networks simultaneously with its support for EN-DC. THe Non-Stand Alone connection will use 4G for the network coverage, and 5G for the fast data transfers. The modem supports Stand Alone connectivity as well. Sadly, the technology will not come until Q2 of 2019, and the first commercial smartphones with this modem will come by Q1 of 2010.

Reports claim that Apple will completely ditch the Intel modems by 2020, and the manufacturers like MediaTek will catch up soon to take on the market by that time.