Instagram Direct now supports voice messages in your Chats


Instagram is one of the widely popular Social Media platforms out there. The platform is now adding a new feature to the Instagram Direct. With that said, now you can send voice messages along with having chat conversations with your friends.

The feature is not something new for everyone, we’ve seen such feature on Facebook Messenger and other Social Media platforms. Moreover, its look identical to the walkie-talkie-like system that Facebook Messenger has had for the past five years. It seems like it has taken a long time for Facebook to bring this feature to Instagram.

Instagram Direct now supports voice messages in your Chats

Anyways, starting today a new microphone icon will start appearing in your group or one-to-one chats in Direct. To record voice messages, you can press hold the mic icon to record a voice message up to one-minute length. The voice message will get delivered the moment you stop holding the mic icon. In case you want to discard the message, you can move your fingers to the trash icon that shows up while recording.

Interestingly, the voice messages won’t expire. It allows for asynchronous communication through voice messages and allows you to express your feelings rather than sending text messages. Anyways, the feature exists both on Android/iOS.