Infographic: From the Nexus to the Google Pixel


A few days back, we shared with you the infographics from the Galaxy Note series. And now, we have got a new one Google. Now, Google made the Pixel 3 Duo official in an event yesterday. And, looking at the prices may have brought you back to the time where cheap but powerful Nexus phones were available.

Further, it has been ten year’s that Google is making smartphones in this industry. And, we know that the Nexus line-up was not the first line-up of the Google smartphones. In case you don’t know, then the Nexus S was the first smartphone certified by NASA to go to the International Space Station. Also, there were many other Nexus smartphones with this certification. So, look at this complete breakdown of the history of Android smartphones.

Infographic From the Nexus to the Google Pixels

Also, starting from the Galaxy Nexus all the Google smartphones have a codename that relates to some kind of fish.