Samsung was the first manufacturing company to come out with the concept of towering infinity displays. While the smartphone manufacturers started manufacturing smartphones with a notch on the top, Samsung didn’t follow the trend. Sadly, Samsung will now follow the trend and join other smartphone makers in Notchland.

At SDC 2018, Samsung introduces three different notch design that Samsung is planning to introduce on future smartphones. Samsung unveils in front of the developers Infinity-U/V, and Infinity-O AMOLED Panels. These are brands for the displays that will incorporate said notches.

Infinity Notches are coming to Samsung phones

The name suggests the U and V notch on Samsung displays will act more or less like the teardrop displays from other manufacturers. The O panels will offer a weird off-center cutout of the display to house the front-facing camera.

Samsung also gives us a preview of the New Infinity displays with no notch and now bezels. We expect that the future flagships from Samsung will inherit this design, while the others will get a notch.