India is now among those top four countries that suffer from the online fraud attacks. India is just second to the US in the phishing attacks. Other countries include Canada, the US, and the Netherlands. These statistics come from the RSA Security, a Dell Technologies business that offers business-driven security solutions.

To make the things clear, Pishing is a fraud attempt to obtain your personal information. Well, this includes your usernames, passwords and credit card details via email. Hackers use this information to crack into your accounts t serve their purpose.

RSA Pishing Statistics

Phishing attacks accounted for 50 percent of all observed fraud attacks in the third quarter of 2018, claimed the “RSA Quarterly Fraud Report” for the Q3 2018. Besides that, RSA analyzed about 38,196 total fraud attacks worldwide. That means the overall attacks have increased by 70 percent in comparison to the results in Q2.

India is now Among Top 4 Countries In Phishing Attacks second to the US

Interestingly, the financial malware is now at 12 percent in the Q3, and these numbers are down from 16 percent in the Q2. Pishin attacks are the most prolific online fraud tactics that we’ve seen in the past few decades. These attacks not only enable online financial frauds, but these are getting better at mimicking legitimate links, messages, accounts, individuals, and sites,” the report said.

In Q3 of 2018, RSA has analyzed 9,329 rogue mobile applications, representing 24 percent of total fraud attacks. Besides that, the virus comes as a part of the active banking Trojan horse malware families. Such malware, are hard to detect. They serve there purpose before we get to know about them.

India is now Among Top 4 Countries In Phishing Attacks second to the USMalware from mobile applications and browsers have also seen a considerable hike. A 73 percent of total fraud transactions occur from our mobile browser. Fraud from mobile applications has now increased by 27 percent

RSA said it recovered nearly 5.5 million unique compromised credit cards in Q3, an eight percent increase from the previous quarter.