Huawei teases a poster for its Infinity-O-rival smartphone


Rumors are airing, and we know that world’s first smartphone with O-display is to happen soon. While Samsung is the first one to bring this idea, it seems like Huawei has completed with its first production of smartphones with infinity O-display. Today, we have good news, as we have obtained an exclusive first look at a new Huawei poster for its upcoming smartphone with a hole in the screen.

Looking at early posters, we believe that the smartphone will get official as soon as in early December. It seems like the company is desperate at beating Samsung in terms of technology.

Whether the Infinity-O panels on Huawei phones can beat the ones on Samsung phones is still a question? But, we know that no other competitor comes close to Samsung in terms of AMOLED technology. Even if the Chine Giant is the first one to deliver, Samsung will be the best one to deliver on this technology.