Huawei sells a whopping 45 million Enjoy smartphones in Past three years


Huawei is the world’s second largest smartphone manufacturing company. Now, the company has made the Enjoy 9 Plus and Enjoy Max official at an event in China. Well, the Enjoy branding of Huawei has seen a high success in the market. Both, of these smartphones, looks like the Honor 8X and Honor 8X MAx counterparts. But, they don’t share similar specifications.

Further, on this occasion, Huawei claims that they have sold nearly 45 million Enjoy smartphones across the globe. Now, this comes to the long three years of sales of the Enjoy series of smartphones across the Globe.

Huawei sells a whopping 45 million Enjoy smartphones in Past three years

Besides, the first Enjoy smartphones were seen back in the year 2015. And, at that time the Enjoy 5 and Enjoy 5s were the Huawei’s offering for budget-conscious buyers. Further, these smartphones were available in sub 150$ to 300$category (around $145 to $289). Later on, in 2016, Huawei made the Enjoy 6 and 6S official. And, then we got the Enjoy 7, 7S, and 7 Plus as the 2017 successors. Lastly, for 2018 we’ve got more specific Honor smartphones that include the Enjoy 8, Enjoy 8e, and Enjoy 8 Plus.

Further, we know that things are getting confusing right here. But, now we’ve got the new Enjoy 9 Plus and Enjoy Max. And, as these are still budget-centric smartphones that offer modern specifications. The company should help the company sell a few more million units of the series in the next few months.