Huawei sends press invite for world’s first 5G enabled foldable phone! MWC 2019


Huawei’s event invite for the MWC teases its 5G-enabled foldable phone. The company promised to make the phone available, and the company strives to complete its promise. The phone will go official at MWC and sets the unveil date as February 24 at 14:00 CET.

The phone will bring a combo of Kirin 980 SoC with its all-new Balong 5000 5G modem. It is still to see how this modem will compete against the Qualcomm, Exynos and Intel’s offering.

Anyways, the upcoming foldable 5G phone from Huawei seems to fold down in the middle from the reader. If this is the implementation, the screen on the phone will remain outside.

Additionally, we expect other 5G phones in the event, as well. The company didn’t promise on that, however. The teaser mentions “Internet of Everything”, so we can expect a new 5G home router will attend too. Well, it will make use of an identical modem with HiLink support, as well.

Speaking of the router, it will feature Wi-Fi 6 as the 802.11ac. The setup is familiar to us, and it doesn’t provide blazing fast 5G speeds. Anyways, Do you think that the upcoming foldable 5G phone from Huawei will fare well against the Samsung Galaxy F? Do let us know in the comments section below.