Huawei explains it doesn’t sell Kirin to the other brands


Huawei doesn’t allow any other manufacturer to use its Kirin chips on any smartphone without the Huawei brand. The Kirin 980, which debuted at this year’s IFA, is Huawei’s best-performing chip at this stage. Well, we know that Kirin 980 is more than a capable SoC. But, then why Huawei doesn’t sell Kirin to the other brands?

To explain, Body Ji, Senior Product Director of Huawei said, Kirin is not a business, it is a technology that serves as a competitive advantage for Huawei, against the competition. Well, we agree with Huawei’s idea of keeping the Kirin Chipsets an intellectual property. This gives Huawei a small edge over other competitors.

Huawei explains it doesn't sell Kirin to the other brands

Further, if you were unaware, Huawei specializes in manufacturing the Kirin SoC under HiSilicon, that exists since 2004. Today, almost 70% of Huawei Flagships and mid-rangers use in-house Kirin chipsets. Besides, the entry-level Huawei smartphones rely on Qualcomm’s 400-series.