Huawei is listening to its customers in China and Europe. Well, I mean that the company is throwing a lot of products in the markets. And, all these products come up in the form of some cheap alternatives. Now don’t get me wrong as the quality of products that Huawei offers is on Par with all the other flagships available in the market. Now say, the Huawei’s new AI Speakers, they share a resemblance to an Apple HomePod, but comes at $58 only. On, comparing its price with the $349 retail price of the HomePod in the US, and you will feel that Apple is overpricing its products.

Huawei AI speaker for Chinese market starts just at $58

The Huawei’s AI Speaker is now official for the Chinese markets. While Huawei made the AI Cube official during IFA, the product made for the European markets only. Moreover, AI Cube runs on Amazon Alexa and turns out to be a cheaper alternative for the Google Home. The new AI Speaker comes along with Chinese voice assistant called Xiaoyi.

Huawei AI Speaker Specifications

The physical overview of the Huawei AI speaker gives us the company’s branding right on top of the gadget. There also exist four physical buttons: mute, +, -, and a call button.

Huawei AI speaker for Chinese market starts just at $58

Interestingly, the AI Speaker’s come along with a feature known as Listen tuning. Well, this new feature fine tunes the audio output on the speakers by adapting itself to the nearby environment. Note that these speakers come along with a collaboration of a Danish brand, Dynaudio. The 10W speaker uses 2.25-inch hi-fi hardware and has six mics for voice recognition. Like Google Home, it can tell different household members apart by voiceprint.

We hope that Huawei may soon launch this gadget for the rest of the markets.