HTC will adopt some new strategies for the smartphones in 2019


HTC is facing a hard time gaining substantial profits in smartphones business. The company made the Desire 12s official a few days past, and now the company plans more its future. The President of HTC Taiwan, Darren Chen, says that the company will adopt some new strategies in the coming year to improve the fiscal profits of the company. Of course, the company wants to capture a broad market share in 2019.

The company’s new strategy is not difficult to explain as the company will have a prime focus on high end and mid-range smartphone in 2019.
Also, the company will extend the lifecycle of the HTC U12+ and other U12 models into next year. The HTC U12 life with 128GB of base storage is selling well, Chen says.

HTC will adopt some new strategies for the smartphones in 2019

The Desire 12s with SD435 SoC is the latest offering from the company. HTC feels that the handset will walk in the footsteps of the U12 life. According to the company, the handset will drive sales up during the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday shopping.

Interestingly, the first lot of HTC Exodus is now officially sold out. The company will now work hard in promoting the blockchain phones around the globe.

Aside from the smartphones business, the company is successfully runnings the VR business. The company wants to leverage this by turning Viveport into the VR equivalent of the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. It will collaborate on the aggressive promotion of VR headsets and content.