HTC is one of the leading Android smartphones manufactures in the world. While there was a time in the past when the company acquired a large Android market share, the company is now at a point where it may finally collapse. The company is still not giving up, and it looks that the company is preparing for a new flagship device. A device HTC device with the model number HTC 2Q72XXX was just approved on Bluetooth SIG website, revealing a Snapdragon 435 chipset.

HTC might soon launch a premium midranger with Snapdragon 435

The chipset is really old, and it is built on an even older 28nm manufacturing process. To handle games the chipset offers an Adreno 505 GPU. And, now-a-days not even Chinese manufacturers are using this chipset on its handsets now.

The present solution on the HTC mid-rangers doesn’t seem to be a good solution. And, the Taiwanese company might see another downfall in the future. Also, it can be that the handset is a testing product. And the company may never launch such handset in the future.