The Nokia 8 Sirocco was the first high-end flagship smartphone from Nokia after its return. The smartphone was launched at a price tag of €750 for some markets. And, now the prices have come down to €520 on Also, one can buy this smartphone in the UK for as low as £440.

But, this is not a strange part of the conversation. Well, when you hit the BUY NOW button on your regional website, the link redirects you back to the homepage. Also, the prices on the website are way less than from what local retailers are offering.

HMD has have quietly discontinued the Nokia 8 Sirocco? Well...

Now, the pricing in India shows the opposite situation on the Indian website’s. The flagship Sirocco from Nokia is getting a huge price cut of Rs. 13,000 in India. The smartphone got official back in April at a launch price of Rs. 49,999 in India. And, you still get the same listing on Flipkart India. Now the Nokia 8 is retailing for Rs. 36,999 in the offline stores in the market. So, there’s a huge difference between the offline and the online price of the smartphone. Also, hitting the buy button on Flipkart shows that the smartphone is currently not available.

So, it seems like HMD has officially discontinued the smartphone. And, to recall the Nokia 8.1 is in works from the company. And, it shows the smartphone running on a Snapdragon 710 chipset. So, it seems like a downgrade from the original model. But, we expect Nokia to come up with a new flagship series with PureView Moniker to it.