HMD Global now allows you to unlock bootloader on Nokia 8


The HMD Global acquired Nokia, has always been against releasing the Kernel source codes for its devices. The Kernel sources are popular as it provides a source of development to the software developers. Besides, if by any means the New Nokia has ever released the Kernal source code, it was useless because of the locked bootloaders. The locked bootloaders on smartphones hamper customization options.

Well, now the Nokia 8 owners can unlock their bootloaders. This is great news for people who want to customize their Nokia 8. The Kernel sources for the Nokia 8 are in existence since April, but it remained silent on this bootloader issue.

This morning, however, Juho Sarvikas, the company’s Chief Product Officer, tweeted to the passionate developer and modding community out there, about the option to unlock the bootloader. The entire process requires a few hops, but once you unlock the bootloader, you can enjoy customizations.

HMD Global now allows you to unlock bootloader on Nokia 8

Well, at first place you make sure you have a Nokia account, that will allow you to verify your phone. Secondly, you need to install an app from Nokia, that will provide you with an authentication code. Enter the code and the email address into the website using the ADB commands. Once, all these steps get done, you will have the unlocked bootloader on the Nokia 8.

Unlocking the bootloader provides you with tons of customizations, but if you are new, I suggest not trying it on your own. So, if you are a Nokia 8 user, don’t forget to tell about your user experience with this device in the comments section below.