Samsung is ready to mass produce its 2019 Galaxy flagship series. Rumors suggest that the new Galaxy Smartphones will use Ceramic backs instead of the Glass rear panels. The ceramic rear will go with the high-end models only, and the entry-level Galaxy S10 with the flat screen will make use of standard glass instead.

The High-end Galaxy S10 models will have a ceramic back

Precisely, the 5.8” and the top 6.44″ Galaxy S10 with the curved screen will get the ceramic back. Rumors also suggest a fourth model with the 5G modem and a whopping 6.7″ screen. Samsung codenames this high-end model as the Beyond X.

Earlier rumors claim that there will be several colors for the Galaxy S10. We may see the flat variant for the handset in Yellow and Green color. The main point of the topic is still the ceramic back. The new ceramic panels will be more resistant to scratches than any glass, and also it doesn’t block wireless signals like aluminum. We are looking forward to this welcoming change on the Galaxy S10.