Google is secretly working on Pixel 3 Ultra

    We’ve seen a lot of leaks regarding the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. Both of these devices are everywhere on the Internet. We’ve seen unboxings on YouTube, and even an in-detail review for the smartphone. But, there is something that Google is trying to tell us. From all those software tips in Google’s official firmware, Google is trying to tell us that Google Pixel 3 exists in real life.

    Google is secretly working on Pixel 3/3XL

    Now, if you guys don’t believe watch this person on YouTube. Someone, today has sent images of Pixel Ultra to Jon Prosser. To recall, this guy runs a YouTube channel with a name front page tech. So, Jon claims to get a real image of the Google Pixel 3 Ultra in high-resolution glory.

    We do not really know that is Google really working on Pixel Ultra or no. But, this image we’ve shared you below in Google’s official case seems to be legit. The image appeared just after we’ve got to see these new Pixels in Google’s new smartphone case lineup.Google is secretly working on Pixel 3 Ultra

    Both the smartphones will come with Snapdragon 845 SoC, 4GB Ram, and 64GB base storage option. For, optics we will see a new Single camera system with the 12MP camera sensor. On the front, we can see dual camera system with one camera with a variable aperture camera like the Galaxy S9/Note9 line-up.

    To remind, Google will announce their Pixel 3 flagship series on October 9, at 11 AM ET. You can see the live stream of the event on YouTube, and we’ll surely embed one in our daily posts on the launch date.