Made By Google confirms Google Pixel 4 with Face Unlock, Motion Sense & Display bezels


Made by Google, The official YouTube channel for all things #madebygoogle, confirms yet another feature on the upcoming Google Pixel 4. The teaser arrives today, and it adds to the official press render of the single-tone back of the phone. With that being official, now we know about some of the features that will debut on the upcoming Google Pixel 4. The iPhone-like camera module on the phone along with features like Face Unlock and Motion sense makes Pixel 4 the perfect iPhone knock-off.

(Don’t) hold the phone

The latest teaser video reads “Google Pixel 4 | (Don’t) hold the phone: new features coming to Pixel 4”. Interestingly enough, the Motion sense by Google is nothing but Project Soli. Well, it was introduced by the company at Google I/O 2015. Unlike the approaches based on visual or infrared light, Project Soli is a unique gesture-recognition technology based on radar.

Official Documentation by Google

Google in its official documentation, says that Pixel 4 uses a miniature version of Soli’s motion-sensing radar technology. With this technology, it will become the first smartphone in the world, which would have the ability to sense small motions around the phone. The teaser shows a prominent top bezel which houses all the sensors which will debut on the upcoming Google phone.

Google Soli will be used for.

So, what is the purpose of this technology? Well, the software algorithms with the advanced hardware sensor will allow you to skip songs, snooze alarms, and silence phone calls, just by waving your hand. Note, the trailer clearly shows that the Motion sense feature will arrive in the select Pixel countries.

Let’s Wait For More Teasers.

However, what’s similar in the new Pixel 4 is the Face Unlock. But, we still expect Google to make use of more advanced hardware. Anyways, we are still a couple of months away from the official launch. For the time being, let’s sincerely appreciate the official teasers from Google.