Google Pixel 3 XL massive leak – live images, camera samples and specs


Google Pixel 3 XL is now seen multiple times on the internet. But, never before now have seen such high resolutions leaks of the new pixels. The leak reveals the design, specs, retail packaging, and the wowing camera samples.

Now, breaking down the things for you, we’ve got a lot to

uncover. The Google’s next flagship looks just the way we’ve already got to see in the previous leaks. That means there remains the enormous ugly notch on the top. But, with this new leak, we are sure about the components inside its housing. So, this first batch of photos shows in detail the looks of the flagship from the front and the back.

Now, the front notch setup house an infrared sensor and a selfie camera. This implementation is the same as we saw on the Mi 8. That will double up as 2D facial unlock system, so we’ll get to see nothing fancy here. There is an earpiece between the two cameras that will double as one of two stereo speakers. Besides that, the back of the device looks quite identical to the current Google Pixel 2 XL. The difference is in the materials used in the pixel 3 XL design. That includes a fingerprint scanner as well as a single camera and LED flash.


Now, most of us know that a part of HTC comes under Google. So, we might see an Active Edge functionality to activate Google Assistant. That sounds similar to the one we’ve got to see in the HTC flagships. The AIDA64 screenshots confirm this functionality to happen on the Google Pixel 3 XL. The screenshots further reveal a 3,430mAh battery and a 6.71 inches1440x2960px (QHD+) screen.

Besides all that, the retail packaging of the Google Pixel 3 XL will finally supply headphones. The ear tips resemble the $160 Pixel Buds, and that’s a good move by Google. The rest of the content includes a USB-C to USB-C cable, USB-A to USB-C adapter, USB-C to 3.5mm adapter and a wall charger.

Google Pixel 3 XL Packaging

Another batch of photos shows the same 6.71-inch screen. The footprint is interestingly not big enough since it seems to fit comfortably in hand. The images show the device photos in white. The lime color power button looks like a great combination.



Now, this next set of images from the same person – Maksim Khoroshev is a massive leak. The pictures that he was able to capture with the Pixel 3 XL’s camera are stupendous. Though the images are Instagram compressed (1,800x809px in this case), but they surely have a life to them.

So, are you excited for the upcoming Google Pixel 3 XL? Kindly, let us know in the comments section below.