Google Pixel 3 Ultra is Happening to be True : Confirmed by Google


We’ve have heard a lot of times about the Google Pixel 3 Ultra. Now, that means that Google will launch Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, and Pixel 3 Ultra on October 9. Further, we’ve another teaser from Google that shut’s down these rumors with humor and a pinch of sarcasm.

Now, today we’ve got to see some information from unnamed sources. And, these claim that Pixel Ultra is going to feature a nearly bezel-less display with little chin and no notch at the top. See, now because of this a lot of people think that the leaks we’ve got to see so far are just to confuse us. In fact, some are arguing that this is actually the Pixel 3 XL. And, Google will launch the Pixel 3 XL with a much better design on October 9.

Google Pixel 3 Ultra is Happening to be True

Well, all these things sound us to good to be true, and that’s because it is. Today, in a recent Instagram post by @madebygoogle, the Google team responds back people with a Pixel mini. The teaser represents the Pixel Mini to be as small as to carry it on your Keychain. And, if you look at this image for a minute you will notice a full screen on the tiny phone inside the keychain.

So, this is a clear shot at those absurd rumors and Google is trying to shut them down with this teaser. All these things are still Speculations, and the October 9 event will turn out to be the real deal.