Google Pixel 3 is now overheating while charging


The Google Pixel 3 Duo is now turning out to be a bag full of problems. The new issue forces the smartphone to shut down due to overheating on the handset. For now, a small group of users is facing the issue.

While only a few people are facing the issue, but it’s a real issue that is forcing Google to look at it. Google is now sending a free replacement unit to affected users.

Note that the issue arises while you plug the smartphone and start using it at the same time. Also, users are reporting the issue while charging the handset wirelessly, and making video calls. In these conditions, the handset becomes really warm and shut down.

Interestingly, not all units have the same problems as the user reports that they didn’t find the issues on the new units. We assume that some of the early production units are facing the thermal problems.

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