Google Pixel 3 Pricing on Mounts to a Whopping $730 USD


The Google Pixel 3 is leaking extensively, and that leaves nothing to our imagination. The leaks are so extensive that a Google employee forgot his Pixel 3 XL in the back of a taxi. Now, we’ve got the pricing of the Google Pixel 3 been listed on the website of a retailer already. Since we already know so much about this new handset this listing does not surprise us much. It’s interesting to see that the listing has been put on a Chinese website.

Now, Google does not officially sell its smartphone in China. However, this new listing on, a Chinese website, lists the smartphone for a price tag of $729 (RMB 4,999). So, the price is slightly higher than the iPhone XR, but the early listings always come with inflated price tags. So, the actual cost of the Google Pixel 3 may come down marginally. Besides as the listing is in Mandarin, it is hard to make out much of it and Google Translate wasn’t particularly helpful for us either.

Google Pixel 3 Pricing on

Lastly, if you don’t know, devices which originate from China cannot use Google’s wide range of services. That is the major reason, why the Pixel and Nexus phones are not sold there. If this listing from is legit then it’s a good step forward for Google to launch its the first smartphone in China.

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