Google Pixel 3 brings real-time Lens in Camera app


Google will introduce the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL on October 9, in NewYork. Now, almost everything about these new Pixel smartphones is known. While we know that how the smartphone will look like, and what their wallpapers will look like, there are still a few little things that are yet to be introduced. Some, of these things, will get leaked before time and I hope Google will save the rest for their event.

Now, according to Twitter user IshanAgarwal24, the new Google camera app on the Pixels have some new advancements. With that said, the Camera Aoo of the Pixel 3 will utilize the Google lens within the application. Now, thanks to the improved NPU and the Hexagon 685 DSP inside the Snapdragon 845, making these things possible.

Google Pixel 3 brings real-time Lens in Camera app

The new leak also brings out some other features from the Pixel 3 devices. These include functions like Now Playing, Active Edge, Google Assistant and Google Lens inbuilt in the Camera app.

So, if you are on the old Pixel smartphones, you can find the Google lens feature in the Sandwich Menu in the upper left corner of the Camera application. The present feature uses the already taken picture instead of doing the whole maths directly in the camera application.