Google makes the best camera flagship smartphones in the industry. The new Pixel 3 duo is no exception. Well, now Google will step up their game by updating the camera’s on the Pixel 3 Duo to work with external microphones when shooting. Now, this news has come up from ab employe working with app’s engineering team.

The new Pixels are known for the best AI implementation their camera application. The images come out with a great dynamic range, and the colors are punchy. Well, this results in terrific still photos and outstanding image stabilization. But the Pixel’s microphones only capture so-so audio. Further, the external mic support can solve this problem to an extent.

Google Pixel 3 duo will soon recieve external mic support update

Well, the third party Video recording applications like Fimic Pro already allows this feature. And you can still use these applications to record audio while the Pixel handles video. But, having this feature built in the camera app itself will be nice for the vloggers and standard pixel owners.

Lastly, the update will start rolling out to the Pixel 3 duo as soon as the smartphone becomes available as retail launch on October 18th. So, what do you think about the external mic support on the Pixel 3? Do suggest your favorite external mics in the comments section below.