Google will soon update Pixel 3 with Band 48 support


Google is about to add support for Band 48 on the Pixel 3 with the model number G013A. The company sent an official letter regarding this to the FCC, back in November. The Band 48 will get support on all the Pixel 3 devices sold internationally, except for the Japanese variants. The Verizon sold Pixel 3′ will also get the support.

Google will soon update Pixel 3 with Band 48 support

For now, the band is in use by the Citizen Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) or CB Radio in the US. A software update will soon roll out that will allow the Pixel 3 to connect to a carrier tower that is operating on the unlicensed LTE band.

Now, this is not the ideal choice of the spectrum as the frequency sits high up in the 3.5 GHz spectrum. Well, it’s not the ideal solution for penetrating buildings and terrain. The band 12 is the perfect as it operates around 1.7GHz. The main purpose of Band 48 is to serve the network during peak traffic hours. Verizon is currently operating on same numbers in Boca Raton, Florida to relieve internet traffic during peak traffic hours.

Interestingly, the band 48 is the core band for 5G development globally. For now, we don’t know when Google will push the update. For the latest updates on this, do not forget to subscribe to our website.