Google Maps AR navigation rolls out – courtesy of the Wall Street Journal.


The Google I/O 2018 was a great event, and the company took on the AR technology with its implementation in Google Maps. The all-new Visual Positioning System (VPS) shows that how Google Maps can leverage the AR by using a camera in its widely renowned application.

The system is quite simple to understand as it uses VPS in areas where GPS is not in use. With that said, the VPS uses the phone’s camera and Google’s extensive back-end data to analyze your surroundings. Well, it then estimates the precise position and orients the directions with massive accuracy.

After the I/O 2018 we didn’t get a chance to look after the application, until now. Today, we have got our first live glimpse of the upcoming AR navigation feature by the courtesy of the Wall Street Journal.

Google Maps AR navigation rolls out - courtesy of the Wall Street Journal.

In a demo version of Google Maps, there exists a novel “Start AR” option alongside the traditional “Directions”. Well, once you tap on the option, the map turns into a real-time view of the reality around you along with the overhead map.

The application needs some calibration to recognize the landmarks. For this, users need to move the phone around and point the camera to the things around them. The company has a massive database, and the application matches the recognized landmarks with the existing data on its servers.

Interestingly, the all-new feature should be used while walking, instead of driving. Also, there exist some features that will help to save battery life while using this feature. One characteristic will lower the brightness after using this application for a long time.

Anyways, the all-new Google Maps are still under development. The application will first roll out to the Local Guides. And, after minor improvements, the company will roll-out the App to specific markets.