Google announce the Google Home Hub, Google Pixel Stand, and the new Chromecast


The Google event was a quite long event today. And, aside from the new Pixel’s we’ve got a lot more things to watch today. So, there is a new Google Home Hub, the new Chromecast, and the Pixel Stand. And, here is a brief for all.

Google Home Hub

Starting at just $149 this is the smartest display we’ve ever seen. It combines the Google Voice assistant with a crisp display. And, it can be used as a smart device while you are cooking. This new smart Google Hub is now available for pre-orders and it will be available on October 22 in the US, UK, and Australia. Google is also offering the first six months of YouTube Premium for free on this new gadget.

Well, the Home Hub is more intelligent than your assumptions. It can be used to watch YouTube Videos, Scroll Google Photos, look after calendar, locate on Google Maps and more. Google is now partnering with the Nest to provide you the smart home features on this new device. There will be Nest hello doorbell features integrated into the Home Hub. And, also the music applications like music Spotify, Pandora, and iHeartRadio are available.

Further, there is this new Live Albums feature that automatically updates to always show you the latest pics of your favorite people and pets. the feature is smart enough to delete the blurry and non-usable images by itself. Now, the Home Hub doesn’t come with camera’s and this was an intentional decision by the company. Now, this has been done to make you comfortable with the thought of placing one of these in your bedroom, for example.

Google Home Hub smart display, Pixel Stand wireless charger, new Chromecast get official too

The new Ambient EQ feature on this new gadget works like the true tone feature on Apple products. And, it is a combination of the AI and the ambient light sensors to adjust the brightness and temperature levels on your display. The 7-inches tablet comes with fabric-covered base in Chalk, Aqua, Sand, and Charcoal colors.

Google Pixel Stand

Further, the next product in the listing is the new AI Pixel stand. Well, this is the first Wireless charging mechanism from Google. And, lets you charge your Pixel 3 wirelessly.

The Pixel Stand has uses some of the features of the Google Home Hub. So, once you drop in your Pixel 3 in the stand, it will become a lite version of the Home Hub. After that, you can use the same features including the Nest Hello doorbell.

Google Home Hub smart display, Pixel Stand wireless charger, new Chromecast get official too

Also, the Pixel stand converts your smartphone into a Photo frame. And, this intelligently changes the frames on your smartphone. After you set your alarms the Pixel stand will mimic the sunrise with its screen for 15 minutes, brightening your room so you can get ready for your day. Further, the stand provides you with an enhanced music experience. And, saves your previously played tracks for future. Also, the music displays the artist album cover in form of large images that looks stunning on the AMOLED panel of the Pixel Duo.

The Google Pixel stand for pre-order today at a price of $79 / €79 / £69. It supports 10W/hr fast charging and charges your smartphone both in landscape and portrait mode. It’s Qi compatible so you can drop any other device that supports the standard onto it and it will charge.

Google Chromecast

Google didn’t talk about their new Chromecast in the event. Further, the new Chromecast is not a 4K enabled streaming dongle. It is the same non-4K dongle, and this time comes with a new iconic G Logo that looks adorable. The new Chromecast comes at $35, and you can have one in Charcoal or Chalk color versions.

Lastly, the new Chromecast is 15% faster. And, it can stream 1080p videos at 60fps.