Google Go and Maps Go Hits 10M downloads each


Google GO Edition is a light version of Android for cheap smartphones. This is a good alternative for the Android Powered smartphones with tailored specs, that targets the developing market. Google introduced the Oreo (Go Edition) in August 2017. This Android OS has several apps tailored for the Go platform, including Maps Go, Gmail Go, Assistant Go, etc.

New reports claim, that the Install counter in the Play Store has two Go Applications that has gone far more popular. These two applications are Maps Go and Google Go. The App install counter for these two applications has reached 10 million downloads.

Google Go and Maps Go heapooh_002

Looking at the success of this light version of Android Oreo, Google is planning to launch a lite variant of Android Pie as well. The new OS will maintain a 500MB smaller footprint and will give faster booting speeds.

Do you guys remember one such Android smartphone that comes with Android GO pre-loaded? Well, you can share your answers in the comments section below.

Here are the Download Links in case you want to try these Applications on Android.

Google Go

Google Maps Go