Google File Go app is now “Files by Google,” just like Google Tez is now “Google Pay”. Well, it seems like Google is making the naming schemes of its applications to simpler ones. Besides that, the Files Go app was introduced with Android One software from Google to help you clean out the limited storage on Android Go phones.

Google File Go app is now Files by Google with UI redesign

The app has now grown to 30 million monthly users. Well, these numbers show the application on much powerful Android smartphones that were making use of plenty of storage. After doing a simple math, we think that it is easier to lose a file on 128GB of storage than on 8GB of storage. In the end, all these lost files pile up and take up the room.

The rebranding of the Files Go applications comes along with some significant UI changes. The original functionality (including offline file sharing) is still in there.

To download this new application, you can check out the link given below.