Google Family Link app now splits into new parent and child/teen versions


Google’s Family Link app is the new App from Google that is available on both iOS and Android. It is an easy method of tracking smartphone usage of your child. This new App can also track your child’s location remotely from your handset. Originally, Google had designed this application to monitor children of age 13 and below. Now, with this new version, you can track teens older than 13.

heapooh_001 family link

Today, the Family Link app has two versions of the same application. One of these versions is made for parents and the other one is the child/teen version of the app. The parents version lets you track activities, set the limits, and lock a device just as for the child version of this app. For teens, the parent and teen accounts must both agree to monitor the teen. Even if the application is disabled from the teen’s end, the parent will still receive a notification when that happens.

heapooh_001 family link

Google Family Link has a good feature of pushing the teacher-recommended apps directly to the child’s handset. Besides, Google is working to expand these kinds of feature to Chromebooks in the future.

Family Link: Parent



Family Link: Child/Teen