Google Chrome for Android gets a new Explore UI

The Google Chrome 69 just got official for almost every major platform out there. And, Google is already testing a new feature on its Android Chrome app. Now, this is a new Explore feature, and you test it out by yourself without needing to install Chrome Beta or Chrome Canary. Further, it is an intelligent way of opening new tabs. And,  Also, it shows tabs looking at your browsing history. Here’s how it will help you explore topics and websites based o your own interest.

Further, to test this new feature, you need to go to your Chrome app for Android, open a new tab, type in chrome://flags and search for the Explore websites flag. Now, by originally it is set to the default option, and you need to enable it and re-launch the application. Well, now Google Chrome will greet you with its own suggestions for the article of your interest. Also, this feature is now for the Indian users, though it will expand to other regions as well.