Google Android Wear OS version H is now official. Well, we are not sure that what does H stand for, but we do know that this version will increase your durability with battery saver mode. Interestingly, this is the first time that Google is using such naming schemes for Waer OS versions.

This update will be progressively rolling out over the coming months. Your device may not immediately be eligible for this update and will be determined by your watch manufacturer. Some functionality may vary by device. – Wear OS Team

If you are curious to know that what all features this new Wear OS brings with itself, then here’s the complete list:

  • Battery Saver Mode Update: Battery saver will automatically kick in when the battery falls below 10%
  • Improved Off Body Efficiency: Watch will enter deep sleep after it hasn’t been worn for 30 minutes
  • Smart App Resume for all Apps: You won’t lose your place in Watch Apps anywhere if you decide to come back to them
  • Two Step Power Off: Hold Power button to see the power menu instead of digging through the settings

Google Android Wear OS version H is now official

Looking at this huge list of updates from Google we think that Google is now taking Android Wear OS serious. All these updates that Google is rolling out seems to be significant and brings a lot of changes to the experience. For example, the last update was for the new UI with Swipe gestures to Google Fit and Google’s Assistant Feed. Well, we encourage Google to bring such updates as it still has a lot to do to improve the platform.