Galaxy S8 latest update in firmware enables Super Slow Motion capture


Samsung is one of the best smartphone manufacturing company in the world. While the hardware that Samsung put into their smartphones is top-notch, but this is not the case with their software department. The major software updates usually seem to be a slow process by the Korean giant. Besides, the things seem to get change now as Samsung’s latest security update for September 2018 includes new camera features for Samsung Galaxy S8 devices. The new camera features come straight from the Galaxy S9/Note 9 series of smartphones. The new security update includes the Super Slow Motion for this one-year-old smartphone.

Galaxy S8's latest firmware update enables Super Slow Motion capture
image courtesy- Reddit

As per the changelog, both these handsets are getting the new AR Emoji enabled in the Camera App. The Galaxy S9, S9+, and Note 9 that can do 960 fps at 720p resolution for up to  0.4 seconds. In comparison, the updated Galaxy S8, S8+ will get half the frames at 480fps at 720p resolution at either 0.2s or 0.4s.

This update is the same update that hit the Note8 last week. It looks Samsung is updating all major 2017 flagships with new camera features. For now, it seems that the Exynos models are getting this new update. The OTA is large at a size of about 553MB and will be soon available for all Samsung devices.

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