Samsung Galaxy Note9 was the best selling smartphone by Samsung in 2018. And, we’ve got really high hopes from the Galaxy Note10. Today, we’ve got new leaks from insiders that the upcoming Galaxy Note10 will come with a 6.55-inches display next year. Now, this is the part of the specifications that Samsung Mobile department handed over to Samsung Display. And, the panel maker is now working on the larger AMOLED panel.

Well, the Samsung Galaxy Note9 has come with 6.4-inches size. And, by this means the upcoming Galaxy Note10 should come with 8% more surface area when compared to its predecessors. Further, the reports say that the Note10 will offer larger display in form factor. Now, that means that we may get, a higher screen-to-body ratio in the upcoming Note10.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 will arrive next year with 6.44-inches display


Well, if you want a smaller device from Samsung then the Galaxy S10 trio will fill the gap. Further, the larger Galaxy S10 model will fill the gap with a 6.44-inches display, and this will follow the smaller 5.8-inches smaller model.

Lastly, the Galaxy Note10 is code-named “Da Vinci.”Further, Samsung can change the naming scheme for the Galaxy S10 series to incorporate the size difference between the upcoming Samsung flagships. Further, Samsung galaxy production cycle, we can expect Samsung to deliver better products in the upcoming year.